Tripod Film & Video Productions
A full service production facility located in the BC Interior with experience in Broadcast Television and Film Production.

Mission Statment
To develop the film and television industry in the BC interior and create new labour markets through industry training and production.

Owner Denis Abramsen is dedicated to excellence in Media Production. He brings over 30 years experience in production to every project. His expertise includes producing and directing as well as cinematography.

Tripod Productions is affiliated with the Interior Film & Television Training Centre and is the main equipment supplier to the training programs and workshops.

Clients Include:

  • City of Kelowna - New Employee Orientation Videos
  • BC Municipal Safety Association - Safety Orientation
  • RYBW Productions - Producer Bill Stewart
  • BC Liberal Party - Kelowna Convention Coverage
  • The United Way - 50th Anniversary Campaign Video
  • Canadaian Mental Health Association - Producer Mohini Singh
  • and many more...

Phone 1-250-318-7799
Email dabramsen@shaw.ca

A Division of DVD Films Inc.